Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Album Cover and Magazine Advert: The Prodigy album covers 1992 - 2011

Here are all of The Prodigy's album covers from 1992 - 2011. I will analysis each one and see parts we like and see if we can take any inspiration.

1992 - Experience

This is the albums debut album, when they were new to the music scene. The cover is very simple and plain, using basic colours of white and black. I believe The Prodigy choose this design as the did not want to take a risk of having a crazy or controversial cover, they played it safe, however from doing this the album may not get the same attention as something 'outside the box.' 

They are going against conventions with the simple design, however it could be that they wanted to contrast the music and be unpredictable.

1994 - Music For The Jilted Generation 

This album was the second from the band. This cover is a bit more adventurous and eye catching. I think this design could be seen as quite disturbing from the image of someone being trapped in metal and screaming for help. However again the cover is a simple layout, nothing to confusing. The image could be a message from the band, maybe on the subject of the music industry and acts being trapped and not being able to make music they want.

1997 - The Fat Of The Land

This is the third cover, when i saw this i was very surprised as it is a whole new direction from the last covers. The cover is very vibrant with colour and stands out with orange's and blue's. The reason for the crab is something i couldn't fully find out, but my thoughts on it is that it is random, this could be a relation to the drugs at the time. The effects of the distortion and blurry could also be a relation to drugs and the feeling of being 'high'.

 After doing some research into the album, i found that the title is saying which relates to being wealthy and that fact the cover is on an exotic beach, emphasis the message of wealth. 

2004 - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

This the forth album from The Prodigy. I think this cover is alot more adventurous and 'outside of the box.' There are very vibrant colours used and odd imagesm this will cause the album to stand out on the shelves and catch the customers eyes.

For me the album cover does not link to the title, i would assume to see visions of guns and war. However they have shown vision of war with the general hat, but in a very light hearted way.

2009 - Invaders Must Die

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