Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Music Video: Production: 1st Day Filming

So the time has come to start filming. It was wednesday 30th November and the teachers at school are on strike so we had the day of! a nice day of sounding lovely, But a day of filming is not for the faint hearted. We had an early start, we meet at Dan's at 9 30 with all our equipment. 

We had an hour meeting at Dan's to discuss the plan and what was doing today. After this we was set, Dan went to pick up Chloe, our actress for our video. We got to location at about 10 45 and began setting up , this took a while. 

The day was very long, but we got some really great shots and have a solid idea on how the video will look. We cant wait for day 2 of filming!

Max's car packed out:

Here are some pictures of location:

Here is setting up the set and our location:

To make the day even more enjoyable, Max's car battery died 


The life saver:

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Music Video: Production: Idea for Introduction

We had an idea that for the beginning of the video we could use old footage of a spitfire, it would only be a few seconds. This will automatically identify our theme of the song. It is almost like a homage to the almighty Spitfire plane. Max then had an idea that to bring this footage to our music video we could have a burning affect. like this footage burns away and our footage enters.

Music Video: Pre-Production: Costume

We all wanted to use a gas mask in our video, but i decided to make my own after some prop shopping lead me to find a real one from ww2 which cost £10 pound to rent, with a £100 deposit. This sickened me to my core.
Earlier in the day a friend (Sam Goodey, another media student) had given me a balaclava, as he thought it could help me in my video and he had little use for it. I accepted his offer but had no intention of using the balaclava in the video as our thoughts were fixed on a gas mask.
Me and Efosa went to our actress' house to see what costume we could use for the video, and we ended up talking about our gas mask idea, to which she revealed that she had a paint gas mask and goggles. Later on i went to my nans house and found some portable L.E.D push lights that she takes about the house. After examining one i realized it would fit exactly into the breathing chamber. I put 2 more in the goggles and wore the mask and goggles over the balaclava with the lights on.
This is what it looks like, and it didn't cost me a penny.

When it was created, we thought i resembled Shane Meadow's film : 'Dead Man's Shoes' 

Here is the image we thought of from the film, very effect and scary!

Here is our adaptation:

Also the big man (Efosa) surprised us with his new Fro Hawk. We were asking him to do something with his hair, but we thought he wouldn't. Oh, he did!