Friday, 9 December 2011

Music Video: Production: Filming Shoot 2

The day started well with taking some shots of Efosa playing guitar in an enclosed part of the forest. We gathered long twigs and logs, to create a creepy tent shape, showing that people may live there, this was a reference to the horror movie 'The Blair Witch Project'. The X-grip that i bought for my camera really helped to capture smoother and more interesting shots, and was a great investment. We all decided that supernatural powers would look great in the video so we dropped a box of leaves on Efosa, which we will reverse on the edit to make it look like he is using telekinetic powers to lift the leaves from the ground.
Other shots of Efosa included him dancing fast and punching and swinging his arms whilst covered in talcum powder. We shot this with the sun behind his back so that the talcum powder would have an orange glow and stand out more.

The next series of shots we did was of Max singing the lyrics into the camera. We got a long pole and attached it to my camera rig so that we could use it as a jib. This allowed us to get smooth panning shots towards Max from great heights, and makes the clip look very professional as the angles we were able to achieve with the Jib were impossible to get from a handheld rig or a tripod.

The last shot of the day was  a tricky one, me spitting white spirit into a torch of fire. The first time we did this it went very wrong, i failed to take into account wind and blew flames against it, which as a consequence backfired in my face and in a spasm of fear I threw the torch behind my back and set fire to a pile of leaves. However, our minimalist safety precautions of two bottles of water were thankfully enough to extinguish the flames before more serious damage could occur, and my face was fine apart from the beard I once had, as it is no longer.

The next two takes worked a treat as I managed to blow a modest 10 foot flame into the air without burning to death! We feel this ties in with lyrics of "Spitfire" perfectly. We examined the shots but abandoned any intuition to re-take and improve the shots from fear of death, or in the worst case burning my camcorder and starting a forest fire that could ultimately lead to the eradication of epping forest and possibly world war 3.

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